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Brisbane's Best Driving Lessons

  • The best trained instructors in Brisbane
  • Fun, friendly teachers
  • Local knowledge of your suburb and test centre
  • An ex-Queensland Transport examiner in charge
  • Racing stripes on all our cars - they make you learn faster!
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A family-built business with a team of welcoming staff and friendly instructors.


Highly-skilled experts who utilise the best teaching methods so you get all the facts.


My Driving School instructors know how to make your lessons fun, enjoyable and productive.


Instructors who are familiar with and local to your area to best serve your needs.


New model suzuki swifts with racing stripes and no embarrassing rooftop signs!

Learn from the best

All of My Driving School's instructors are personally trained by Roz: owner, instructor and ex-Queensland Transport examiner. Roz is dedicated to ensuring that My Driving School instructors are trained above and beyond government requirements.

And our training doesn't just mean they know the technical stuff. We make sure they know the best teaching methods and that they have a bit of personality too so your driving lessons are fun for all.

My Driving School owner, instructor and ex-examiner, Roz

My Driving School has instructors all over Brisbane

Even though we cover all of Brisbane, we always supply instructors who know your local area and can ensure you're prepared for your local test centre.

But don't trust us... What do the students say?

What a journey it has been. My instructor made me feel so comfortable that I actually looked forward to my lessons,they were so exciting. My skills improved with every lesson and I also made an amazing friend on the way.

Emily Macalister

My driving instructor is so good at explaining how to drive. She's very calm and understanding of my ability and is nothing but encouraging. I am very happy learning with her!

Brittany Potter, Kedron

I had a great instructor! She was easy to understand and really friendly to drive with. My Driving School was fantastic and helped me get my licence first go, easy!

Penny Jell, Wishart

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Put yourself on the Fast Track with My Driving School

Fast Track Learning

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need more driving experience, and fast? My Driving School instructors are flexible to your needs, and can do longer lessons such as half-day or full-day lessons if needed. Please phone our receptionist to make arrangements that will suit your needs.

Have you ever considered becoming a driving instructor? The My Driving School: Instructor Academy provides a comprehensive training and mentor program to turn you from a driver into an instructor.

Whether you're hoping to become part of the My Driving School team, or want to start your own driving school business, our academy will provide you everything you need. This includes the necesary accreditations (TLI41210) as well as lessons on how to teach and advice on setting up your business and finding your customers.

Backed by the thousands of hours of instructing experience as well as Roz's experience as a driving examiner, My Driving School: Instructor Academy is the best place in Brisbane to start of instructing journey.

Find out more about the course or contact us to book your place.

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Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test measures how quickly you can identify and respond to dangerous driving situations.

It is an online test so you can’t take the test at a customer service centre.

You must pass the hazard perception test before you can upgrade to a P2 provisional licence or an open licence:

  • If you were 23 or younger when you received your P1 licence, you will get a…

Tue, 19 Aug 2014

JW Motorsport - Justin Wade IPRA 2014 1st place

Justin Wade is a current driver in Queensland's Improved Production Racing Series. Driving a BMW E90 M3 in the over 2L Club Championship as well as regular appearances at the Bathurst 12 hour support races, V8 Supercar support races and the Improved Production Nationals held around the country.

Watch Justin's recent IPRA 2014 1st place win at Lakeside in June below.

Tue, 19 Aug 2014

10 Tips for Driving Safely

  1. Avoid conflict. Other drivers will make mistakes, show restraint and stay calm.
  2. Don't tailgate. Allow a minimum of two seconds between you and the car in front.
  3. Be aware of what is happening behind you and either side of you at all times.
  4. Don't respond to challenges, avoid sudden swerving, acceleration and braking.
  5. Know your capabilities and drive within them.
  6. Be…

Need some tips?

Need some help but can't wait till your next lesson? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out some of our hints and tips on the pages below.

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