Sherwood Driving Test Centre

Hi everyone,

I thought I might take some time to write a little about the Sherwood testing area. This area is surrounded by Graceville, Rocklea, Oxley and Corinda. In the driving tests they generally stay somewhere between Indooroopilly bridge, and the intersection of Oxley Road and the Ipswich Motorway.

These suburbs, whilst beautiful to drive through, can be challenging and provide the examiner with many opportunities to test the skill of the learner.

If we start with the highway entry onto the motorway the student will generally be asked to turn left from Oxley Road onto the roundabout that meets the highway. This roundabout can be quite heavy with traffic and I would be very careful not to feel pressured into taking a gap that isn’t safe. I would suggest practicing these entries over and over until you are comfortable with it.

After exiting the roundabout the student will need to merge lanes to the right quite quickly. The lane that enters the highway is on the right, and the lane that the student must be in to get onto the highway is the right lane. The student will need to increase the speed of the car to match the oncoming cars on the motorway.

Another area that is really worth looking at is the Indooroopilly Bridge. As you head north over the bridge the student may be asked to take the first left and then the first right. This is a really tough intersection as there is a solid line placed in between the two lanes and the student has to be very careful not to drive over this. This is a very small street and there’s no room for errors. If the student ends up in the wrong lane they are best to just follow the lane that they land in, even if it’s the wrong direction. I would always ask my students to take this intersection really slowly in first gear and hopefully this will give them lots of time to see the intersection.

Another aspect of a test at Sherwood are the roundabouts on Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, on the way through to Jindalee DFO. There is a whole series of little roundabouts that can lead you back to another highway entry that the examiners can use. This is a great place to practise entering and exiting roundabouts which will greatly assist the student when they are faced with more difficult roundabouts such as the one on Oxley road where it meets the Ipswich motorway.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to pass your practical driving test!