• What a journey it has been. My instructor made me feel so comfortable that I actually looked forward to my lessons,they were so exciting. My skills improved with every lesson and I also made an amazing friend on the way.

    by Emily Macalister
  • My driving instructor is so good at explaining how to drive. She’s very calm and understanding of my ability and is nothing but encouraging. I am very happy learning with her!

    by Brittany Potter, Kedron
  • I had a great instructor! She was easy to understand and really friendly to drive with. My Driving School was fantastic and helped me get my licence first go, easy!

    by Penny Jell, Wishart

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Practical Driving Tests

The final stage in getting your license is the practical driving test. While it can be a bit daunting, our instructors are trained to prepare you for everything the test covers.

Did you know that the practical driving test has had some adjustments in recent times which place less importance on manoeuvres and more importance on aspects of driving which are deemed to be more dangerous. To give you an idea take a look at the following:

  1. Safety margins – you should always be travelling a minimum of two seconds behind the vehicle in front in dry weather and four seconds in wet weather. Tailgating is not only dangerous but can be intimidating to the driver of the vehicle in front and can cause incorrect decisions leading to accidents.
  2. Merging into high speed traffic such as freeways. This is not easy for the new driver, and can often be challenging for the most experienced driver.
  3. Right and left turns at uncontrolled intersections, it has been recognised that turning across oncoming traffic where there is no arrow can require a good amount of confidence, judgement and skill.

If you hold a Queensland learner license you can book your test online through Queensland Transport, but there is usually a long wait and we cannot guarantee that one of our instructors will be available to take you for the test if that is what you wanted. By booking your test through our office, we can check the times on the website against our calendar to ensure your instructor of choice is available.
Queensland Transport also allocates test spots at the Wynnum, Greenslopes, and Logan testing centres that are only to be used by students of our school. Because of this, we can usually get you a spot sooner than going through the website; sometimes by as much as three weeks!
Select testing centres also offer tests on Saturdays, but these are only open to driving schools and times are given out by request. If you would like a Saturday test please let us know, and we can check what times are available. However, please be aware that the booking fee for weekend tests is slightly more expensive.
If you would like some help on the day of your test, we have a couple of different options that you can choose from:

Short Test Package

The same as the regular lesson and test package, but with a 30-minute lesson beforehand instead of one hour. This is usually enough time to drive straight from home/school/work to the testing centre, or to practice in the area around the centre if you meet the instructor there.

Car Only Test Package

Our instructor meets you at the centre 15 minutes before your appointment time, which allows you to adjust the seats and mirrors. You then use the car for your test.

Lesson and Test Package

Our most popular option. The instructor either comes to you or meets you at the testing centre, and does a one-hour lesson covering the criteria that may be assessed during your test. This lesson finishes at the testing centre, where you then use the same car you have been driving for the exam. Once the test finishes we can also drop you off back to where you were picked up from.

Please note that these prices do not include the test booking fee.

If you would like to book a test please give us a call on 1800 684 708.