Driving in Beenleigh with My Driving School

My Driving School has local Beenleigh instructors who have been specially trained by an ex-Queensland Transport examiner who worked at the Beenleigh Driver Test Centre. Learn with us and we'll make sure you're fully prepared for your practical test (Q-SAFE).

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Most of us drive past Beenleigh every time we go to the Gold Coast or down to Dreamworld perhaps. Beenleigh is an area that can teach a student lots about driving. Even if you don't live in this area I think it's well worth going for a drive to check out the roundabouts. This area has many varying roundabouts. As you come down the motorway the only way to get off at Beenleigh is to negotiate one of these roundabouts, which is a two lane roundabout and the traffic will often be travelling a little fast for the learner driver and initially may prove rather challenging.

In complete contrast to this, if you drive down City Road towards Kent Street you’ll come to a tiny little roundabout that has 5 exits and entries. This roundabout has got to be in the top 5 for most difficult roundabouts in Brisbane. What makes it so hard is that the entries are very close to each other and the island in the centre is quite small which just seems to have an awkward feel to it.

Another important place to look at is at the back of Beenleigh. Louis Street follows up and hooks very sharply up a hill onto Lehmans Street. If the student tries to do this corner too fast they lose control very quickly. On the other hand if they are driving too slow for the gear they will most likely stall. This is quite a sharp hill. I would approach this in 1st gear and be ready to accelerate as the corner straightens.