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TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics

(Road transport – Car Driving Instruction)

If you’re considering a career change then I can assure you that Driver Training is very rewarding in many ways. Not only can you earn a very comfortable income, you’ll find that the role of Driver Trainer comes with much flexibility, almost zero stress (believe it or not) and without a boss looking over your shoulder. You can choose how much effort you want to put in, so if you’re looking for part-time hours or full-time hours, you’ll find that this opportunity will give you that choice.

At MDS the training course focuses on you becoming a great driver trainer.  We endeavour to get you industry prepared, we spend time in dual controlled cars and we also bring in real learner drivers so you get to experience firsthand how it feels to meet a new person and start training them.

Our trainees always have a good time and we’ve developed some long lasting friendships in the process.

We believe that delivering good quality Driver Trainers to the industry will only improve the overall credibility of our industry. Therefore we want you to be great because that will benefit the entire industry.

Our aim is to lift the standard, we want Mum’s and Dad’s to want to send their son’s and daughter’s to us to learn how to drive, and this will only improve if we all do a better job. If you’re in any doubt about anything, please give us a call, ask for Graeme, Roz or Sam. We’d love to hear from you

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