Driving in the Southport Area

It’s time to check out more of the Gold Coast. Southport is a very busy hub of the Gold Coast. Just recently I was leaving the Southport testing centre turning left onto Nerang Street. It seemed to take forever just to get going. Eventually with the change of traffic lights just down the hill we were able to get on our way.

Right turns across uncontrolled intersections are likely turns that will be test. Examples include Nerang Street into Margaret Street, and then right into Annie Street, followed by right turn into Kindra Avenue What are the QT examiners looking for you may ask? They are looking at your road position prior to the turn, your judgement of when to make the turn, and the execution of the turn.

If you turn around in Kindra Avenue and go back to turn right at Annie Street you need to completely stop at the stop sign. When following Annie Street into Myall Street and then turning right into Coolibah Street be careful of the double continuous lines at this intersection. Cross the lines and you’ll be coming back a second time.

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