Driving in the Currumbin Area

Hey everyone,

Today we are going to have a look at the Currumbin area and see what challenges a student can face and learn from in this area.

The first question I have is how on earth do you lucky people who live in this area of the world manage to keep your eyes on the road when the beaches are so pretty? At least the hospital is conveniently located if you do have a little bingle! But seriously now, one of the most difficult situations for drivers is being able to turn right across a main road.

The Gold Coast Highway runs straight down the coast line and with the amount of traffic flow on this road trying to turn right can be very challenging. If you are on the main road turning right you may find yourself at a set of traffic lights that have only a green light circle and not a green arrow to turn. If this is the case you must (as the first vehicle) enter the intersection, a meter before the middle with your wheels facing straight down the road, until a gap appears. If a gap is coming I would get a bit of momentum before the gap appears but never turn the wheel until the last car has passed me. On the other hand, if there is no gap in the traffic and the light eventually turns red you must exit the intersection when the other cars stop. This can be really exciting and please be very sure on what your plan is before you get yourself stuck in the middle of an intersection. This is a situation in which you may find yourself during the driving test, as right turns across uncontrolled intersections has become a vitally important part of the test. I would encourage you to practice this, not shy away from it!

Another aspect you can practice in this area is parking. All along the coast line we have parking bays. Some are setup as reverse parallel parks and some are angled parking. For parallel parks check out my blog post that covers how to negotiate. But for any parking the main ideas are the same. You need to have great control of the clutch in first and reverse gear before attempting this. You will find yourself riding the clutch, (holding the clutch at the take-up position) during this exercise, this is necessary to control the speed of the car. In addition to controlling the speed of the car it is vital to be always looking to the rear and the front of the car, constantly checking for other cars, bicycles and pedestrians, etc..

Talk soon!