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Driving in Wishart with My Driving School

Here are some of the driving situations you may encounter in Wishart and how to best make use of this area to practise for your driving test.

Wishart sits in the middle of Garden City Shopping Centre and Carindale Shopping Centre, so I would take advantage of the traffic around these areas. Students need to feel comfortable with merging lanes, decision making and hazard recognition while driving through traffic.

Many of my students accumulate hours in their logbook by driving to and from school, and these times can be really tough in these areas. So, when merging lanes, we need to demonstrate that we can maintain speeds, steer a steady course while using our mirrors, shoulder checking (to check it’s safe) and be able to choose an appropriate time to complete the merge. I would always look down the road in order to gauge what hazards lie ahead. It would not be an appropriate time to change lanes if there was a set of lights, a sign to change the speed limit (or any roadwork) over solid lines, or if you were travelling over the crest of a hill.

I would also practise decision making. The ability to gauge how fast a car is coming, and whether or not we can make a gap, is vital to passing a driving test. I think the toughest decision is how to turn right from a side road onto a main road. Throughout Wishart, Newnham Road has two lanes going in each direction. This would be a great road to practise decision making. Keep in mind, however, that in exams you are not permitted to enter a lane next to another car.

One final thing to remember when driving on these sorts of roads is hazard recognition. In the practical driving test the examiners mark students on how well they perceive the traffic ahead of them. As you drive down Newnham Road, cars are constantly changing lanes in order to hold their speed in amongst buses stopping, cyclists, parked cars (obviously when the ‘No Standing’ signs don’t apply) and cars stopping in the right lane to turn across traffic. You could drive up and down this road all day long and see many different situations occur in front of you.

These things should only be practiced once the student has complete control of the vehicle, and has reached a point where they can focus on what the other cars around them are doing.

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