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Spring Hill

Driving in Spring Hill with My Driving School

To drive in Spring Hill you must be good at your hill starts, as there are plenty of hills in this area. This can be tough, but as the student becomes more experienced it can be a great place to gain the confidence to be an excellent driver.

When driving inner city there are also lots of places to practise your parallel parking skills. If you find Sedgebrook Street, you will even find parking spaces on the other side of the road. Since it is a one-way road, they have parks on both sides.

Another challenging aspect of driving in Spring Hill is that you must negotiate right turns at lights where you don’t get a right turning arrow. This seems to happen on the corner of Leichhardt Street and Upper Edward Street, and also on the corner of St. Paul’s Terrace and Boundary Street. Both of these intersections can have lots of traffic, so be very careful to get this right.

To start with, when the light turns green, the first vehicle should enter the intersection until they are 1 metre before the centre, keeping the wheels straight. Then, if a gap appears, the car must exit. If no gap appears the student must wait until the lights change to yellow. At this stage the student needs to exit the intersection, but only once they are sure that the oncoming traffic is stopping. If this means the light has turned red, so be it, the student will have to complete the exit on the red light. This is really important to get right. Most examiners would try to do this at least once during an exam.

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