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Driving in Cleveland with My Driving School

Cleveland is full of roundabouts. So, if you don’t enjoy these two lane intersections it’s probably best that you sit the test in another area. However, driving lessons in Cleveland are great for developing a students’ understanding and safe decision making on roundabouts. The roundabout on the corner of Wellington and Shore Street is a great roundabout to practice. As a parent myself I think the most important thing we can teach our kids is how to make safe decisions and this roundabout can be difficult for the most seasoned driver so it’s a must for practicing the needed skills to pass your practical driving test and more importantly to be a safe road user.

Another intersection to consider is as you head west down Middle Street then turn right at the roundabout onto Waterloo Street you end up driving towards another roundabout that leads you to Shore Street. It’s worth noting that as you approach this second roundabout you should be placed in the right hand lane (since you just came off the previous roundabout from the right hand lane). At this roundabout the left and the right lane can both turn left. So, the student may be asked to turn left. As the student is most probably already in the right lane a lot of students try to change lanes incorrectly over the solid lines before the intersection or change lanes in the roundabout which is also somewhat dangerous. Observation is a skill that takes experience and these intersections are much easier if you can read all the markings on the road as you approach. If you head back down Middle Street and even turn right into Doig St you’ll notice all the pedestrian crossings. Unfortunately there are also lots of hedges and plenty of blind spots as you approach, so take extreme care. You should also notice that this is probably the only area I have found that is always marked as 30 km/hour all day long, every day of the year, despite school times or holidays or roadworks. It’s obvious that an examiner wants to see a student drive appropriately for the area that they encounter during the test and this area is screaming out for students to drive with care and show lots of observation skills as they approach the crossings.

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