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Driving in Nundah with My Driving School

The Nundah area offers many opportunities to work on the skills you’ll need to pass your practical driving test.

To start with, Nundah has some major roads passing through it towards the city, and also heading the other direction, out past Northgate. I would be practising changing lanes on roads like Sandgate Road.

Examiners are keen for students to check mirrors, indicate, shoulder check and look back to the front before they turn the wheel. Make sure you do not turn the wheel while looking back.

Another point that students often get wrong is the shoulder check. As the student turns their head to look in the blind spot, they should be turning their head to face the shoulder, looking into the window of the door behind. Try to remember that only when we reverse should we move our shoulders towards the back.

Another key point to remember when changing lanes is holding a constant speed. Students shouldn’t drop off speed while checking if it’s safe to lane change. For some students this is easy, but for others this can be quite difficult. The only way to get better and become competent with this is simply to practise over and over. Some students find that they are assisted by listening to the engine, as this helps them stay aware of any changes in speed. Students have lots to remember in this driving exam, but try to remember that when the examiner asks you to change lanes, it is your responsibility to do it in a safe manner.

So, with some of my students that may struggle with lane changing, I may take them down a road like Sandgate Road and keep asking them, “Is now a practical time to change lanes?”. There are times and situations when lane changing is not a good idea. In my opinion, some of these would be on hills going up or down, change of speed limits, road works, at a set of lights, or around a bend in the road.

Nundah also has a train station, which usually means there is a car park also. I like to use these areas to practise parking. Often you can use the car parks for practising how to negotiate slow speeds, and how to get the car into the car park without the hustle and bustle of a shopping centre like Chermside. I like to teach students how to reverse park into the parks on the left by moving forward into the carparks on the right and then reversing.

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