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Holland Park

Driving in Holland Park with My Driving School

While completing your log book, you should try to make the most of your time by practising the important parts of the test. When driving in Holland Park there are many opportunities to focus on components of the test, so you may as well be consciously practising the driving skills that will be tested.

For example, Garvary Street has got to be of the steepest hills I have found on the south side of Brisbane. The Paddington / Toowong area is probably the most hilly area in Brisbane, and can be extremely challenging for a manual driver.

But I digress, back to Holland park. If you go down to the Gaza Road entry onto the highway you find a very easy place to get the car up to speed and lots of time to merge with the traffic on the highway. I would definitely practise here before trying the highway entry in Greenslopes (Juliette St, going south).

Holland Park also has a busway running through it, so this area has lots of parked vehicles for students to practise their reverse parking. Having to avoid these parked vehicles also teaches students how to negotiate roads where there may only be enough room for one car to pass each way. It’s important to remember that in these situations the vehicle with the traffic impeded should be giving way to the opposing car.

Just on the other side of Logan Road there is a park named Holland Park. It is situated on Harold St and Arabilia Street. Any day of the year you will find many learner drivers here. This is a hot place for examiners to bring students during the test to demonstrate U-turns. Some of these roads get very crowded, and students will need to show good road position also.

If you often drive in this area I would also try to practise turning right at intersections where there is no right turning arrow. This often happens in this area, but a key example would be at Arnolds Street turning right into Logan Road.

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