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Highgate Hill

Driving in Highgate Hill with My Driving School

Highgate Hill is an inner city suburb that has lots of traffic flow all through the day.

For all the students that live in this suburb I would be inclined to start my driver training down by the water near the park on Hill End Terrace. This is a nice gentle hill where the learner can practice feeling the grab point of the clutch. It’s really important to feel comfortable with this basic driving element before hitting the traffic! In saying that, lots of students find driving in the traffic confronting and it is inevitable that at some stage they will stall. For most students this is embarrassing but not a big deal. For other students driving in an area like Highgate Hill and stalling can lead to other motorists losing patience and maybe showing their displeasure by beeping or (if you’re especially lucky) hurling some form of abuse. Stalling can happen to anyone but if the situation is getting out of control and the learner is in a car without dual controls I would advise it best to put the hazard lights on and swap seats with the open licence holder that is accompanying the learner. I have seen many students over the past 8 years of instructing that have been scared by these sorts of incidents and it definitely depends on the students’ ability to cope. I just don’t think it’s worth getting upset about. It’s best for the open licence holder to get the car out of the way then maybe head back down to a road like Hill End Terrace and just go over and over the basics of the hill start.

As the student gets really good there is plenty of challenging roads that are great for practicing the students’ control. If you head up Sankey Street then turn onto Dornoch Terrace the student must be very good with 1st gear and also must be aware of the bike lanes on Dornoch Terrace. In these areas I would encourage the use of 1st gear whenever the student is approaching a giveaway. The cyclists that come down Dornoch Terrace can have quite a lot of speed and if the student pops out on the road too fast they could easily take a cyclist out. Observation saves lives and great control of 1st gear gives the student time to observe all the hazards on these challenging roads.

There is also lots of areas to practice parallel parking. I would also head down to West End and practice turning right at the lights that intersect Vulture St and Boundary St. This is an intersection that does not have a turning arrow. The first car must enter the intersection with their wheels facing forward and waiting 1 meter before the middle. When there is a gap in the oncoming traffic they should exit the intersection or if there is no gap the car must wait until the light turns red then they must leave the intersection before the next direction of traffic start to drive off.

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