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Driving in Hawthorne with My Driving School

Here are some tips on how to practise in the Hawthorne area so you pass your driving test first time.

Hawthorne is an area that seems to have a bit of everything rolled into a small bundle. If you are wanting to practise hill starts then head for Forbes Road; you won’t find any hills in Brisbane more intimidating for a learner driver.

On the other hand, if you are planning on sitting your practical driving test in Wynnum, then I’d head for the flat intersections with giveway and stop signs down around Elliot Street and Malcolm Street. I would make it a priority to learn how to use first gear without riding the clutch. This is important for those corners where it is difficult to see the traffic that you must give way to.

Once this is accomplished, I would then practise decision making onto Hawthorne Road itself. Firstly turning left onto it, and then turning right across both lanes in traffic. This is great experience for a learner driver that is already showing good control of the vehicle in first gear. If the student doesn’t have good control of first gear then maybe head for the Hawthorne Park car park. I would obviously go there when no one else is around! However, practising how to park very slowly in either first gear or reverse is a great way to learn good clutch control.

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