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East Brisbane

Driving in East Brisbane with My Driving School

The East Brisbane area is situated between Kangaroo Point, Norman Park, Coorparoo and the Brisbane River. East Brisbane gets a lot of traffic, as it is very close to the city. So, the main roads are a great place for students to learn how, and when, to change lanes.

During the practical driving test the examiner may ask the student to take a street on the left or right side of the road.If this means the students needs to change lanes they should be aware that they need to scan the road ahead to make sure there are no hazards, and that they have good vision ahead before they start to change lanes. The examiner will expect the student to indicate and check mirrors (the rearview mirror and also the side mirror in the direction the student is changing lanes) before looking back to the front and steering the wheel towards the lane slowly.

The only time that it is acceptable to change lanes faster is when you are changing lanes into a turning lane where there may be a solid line that you are not allowed to cross. This would also be the only time it is okay to reduce speed while changing lanes. Apart from this situation, generally the examiners expect the students to hold speed and change lanes smoothly.

Another aspect of driving that I like to teach the students in this area is how to use 1st gear at the give-way signs when vision is poor. This happens down between Heath St and Mowbray Terrace. This is a great place to practice as it’s not too busy and it’s also not too hilly. Once the student is able to control 1st gear at these blind corners then I would drive them up towards Camp Hill or Greenslopes and practice the same idea in areas that have greater inclines as the student drives up to the give-way line.

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