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Driving in Bulimba with My Driving School

Here are some of the aspects of driving in Bulimba that you could work on if you are trying to get ready for your practical driving test. Bulimba is a great place to learn how to drive because even if you are a beginner you can always find places to practise that are appropriate to your driving level.

If you are just starting out with your driving, I would recommend driving in the area between Oxford Street and the Lourdes Hill School. This area is very flat and offers many opportunities to practise stopping and starting while making decisions, with light amounts of traffic.

As the student gets better at this, I would practise the same idea on the hills between Thynne Road and Riding Road. This can be a very difficult task as the student needs to be able to control 1st gear as they approach the give-way lines at the crest of the hill.

Another great place to practise is down the west side of Oxford Street. A lot of people park their cars down this end of Oxford Street to catch public transport to work in the city. This is a great place to practise reverse parallel parking as there are cars everywhere.

As the student gets good at controlling the speed of the car while doing the reverse park, you could then try finding roads with a bit more of a hill that would challenge the student’s ability with the clutch.

The Oxford Steet roundabout is a great place to practise decision making, as is Riding Road and Hawthorne Road. I would keep practicing turning right onto these roads and then trying to turn right off these roads also.

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