Greenslopes Driving Test Centre - Part 2

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Welcome to another edition of hot tips to pass the practical driving test. I thought I might take a moment to discuss a little more detail about the Greenslopes area.

One of the reasons Greenslopes can be so challenging for students is that in a thirty minute test the examiners are able to find difficult roundabouts (Stones corner and Tarragindi), hills (Geenslopes), tough highway merge (Greenslopes heading towards Annerley), and traffic all day long. Greenslopes looks like a tough place to drive but Tarragindi is surprisingly challenging due to the amount of traffic that is always driving between Ipswich Road and Logan Road. Even at times of the day when you would least expect it, this area is bustling with traffic.

For instance, Tarragindi Road, Ekibin Road, Birdwood Road, and Tooheys Road, all have speed limits of 60kms and lots of cars. This can be quite tough for a student when the examiners are able to mark a student for being too cautious or too aggressive. The roundabout on Ekibin Street and Lewisham Road is an area that can have lots of traffic at peak hour. There are also quite a few intersections where an examiner is able to find a set of lights that do not have a right turning arrow. One happens (normally at the start of the test) heading south on Logan Road away from the test centre and turning right onto Birdwood Road. If you’re lucky you will get a green arrow but if you’re not so lucky you will need to negotiate this intersection by entering the intersection on the green light, (not green arrow) keeping the wheels straight, pause just before the middle of the intersection and when a gap appears you need to exit the intersection. If the light turns orange or red and you’re still waiting to turn, as soon as you are sure the oncoming traffic is stopping you must exit the intersection. If you are the second car trying to turn right you must wait behind the stop line until the first car has completely left the intersection and only enter if the light is still green. This can also happen on Earl Street turning onto Juliette Street, (if they are heading onto the highway entry) or going in the other direction from Earl Street turning right onto Cornwall Street. It can also happen on Cracknell Road and Venner Road turning right onto Ipswich Road. The Venner Road – Ipswich Road intersection is difficult because the oncoming cars are a little hidden by the crest of the intersection (like on Chatsworth Road and Cavendish Road). But I think the Cracknell Road – Ipswich Road intersection is harder because the lines on the ground are misleading. As you enter the intersection the white dotted lines suggest that you should turn the wheels to the right and aim at the on-coming cars. But this would be wrong. If (worst case scenario) a vehicle behind hit the learner it would push the car into the on-coming vehicle. So, the examiners are quite strict on teaching students to aim the learner car straight out at the opposing Keep Left Sign(on the island) and not turning the wheel right, across the line of traffic.

Hope this helps you guys, stay tuned for more!