Greenslopes Driving Test Centre - Part 1

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Hi Everyone,

My Driving School are always conducting driving lessons and doing Driving Tests in the Greenslopes area and so I thought I’d talk a little about the Greenslopes area and give some key points that can help you pass your driving test.

Every test centre has some hills but Greenslopes has a few awkward intersections that can prove challenging to most students. Just behind the IGA and the Sushi Train (off Chatsworth and Logan Roads) there is a challenging hill, coming up from Holland St., turning left onto Curd St. Actually, as you turn left onto Curd Street there is a sign that reads “ Through Traffic Keep Right”. You definitely want to understand this intersection before you sit the test! Most often the sign says “ Keep Left” and you would drive your car on the left side of the sign and place the vehicle in the middle of the lane, however since this sign says “Keep Right”, the driver is required to drive on the right side of the sign and treat that as a two way road. When you see this intersection you can realise why so many students have trouble sorting out where to drive. There is another one of these intersections on the corner of Marriot Street and Lade Street. These are a must see for any student that wants to be totally prepared for the test.

Apart from the Greenslopes hills the highway merge can also present some challenges. If you proceed down Juliette Street and turn left (south) up onto the highway you find that the highway entry is quite short, sharp, with not a lot of time to get to an appropriate speed to merge with the traffic on the highway. If the driving test is done during peak hour times the traffic on the highway is generally travelling pretty slow and it actually makes it much easier. However, if you pick a time of day that isn’t as busy this is one place that can be a lot more challenging, as the highway will be travelling at 90km (at least). In our driving system we have two different sorts of merges/give ways. The first is a slow speed give way, this is where we approach a blind give way intersection very tentatively in 1st gear so we can stop if necessary. The second is a high speed merge. This freeway merge is a perfect example of a high speed merge where you cannot stop at the give way line at the top of the entry. This is a situation where the student needs to be decisive.

Another freeway approach in Greenslopes could be as you come down Birdwood Road, Holland Park and turn towards the city (north) onto the highway. Once on the highway the student would generally be asked to get off at the next exit, which is Juliette Street exit. When exiting the highway students need to hold their speed until they are over the broken lines and then they need to reduce speed to 60km at the sign. The student may be asked to take the 1st turn to the right and then 1st turn to the left. I would read the signs very carefully. The first street on the right is Juliette Street, Greenslopes, which is a one way street. The one-way signs are difficult to see. The student needs to proceed over Juliette Street to the next intersection which is Cornwall Street and make the right turn. There are two turning lanes, based on the fact that the student has been asked to turn right and then immediately left, the student should choose the left lane of the two lanes available to turn right. This will automatically allow them to easily move into the far left lane when turning into Cornwall Street, ready for the next left turn. Another point here is that you cannot change lanes over solid lines or during intersections. As we turn into Cornwall Street we proceed under the highway and there are signs saying

“No Left Turn”. And then the next left turn is a busway! So its probably best for the student to wait until they reach the set of lights turning onto Junction Street. At the end of Junction Street the student may be asked to turn right onto O’Keefe Street. This can be a very difficult thing to do if there is any traffic coming through the Stones Corner roundabout, or if there is any traffic coming down O’Keefe St. I would have to place this intersection in the top 10 for difficulty if there is traffic around.

I didn’t get to talk about Coorparoo or Tarragindi but tune in to further posts and I’ll do my best to give you all the hints you need to pass that test!

My Driving School are always very active with driving lessons in Greenslopes and surrounding areas.